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AlwaysOnVacation® is one of the world’s largest vacation rental marketplaces and distribution networks with more than 65,000 vacation rental properties and hosted rentals in 120 countries globally. AlwaysOnVacation vacation rental property listings are published in 16 languages and are viewed each month by more than six million travelers who are interested in booking a vacation rental! Travelers and property owners benefit from AlwaysOnVacation’s proprietary translation service that converts every listing and inquiry into the requested native tongue. Whether you are a tourist in search of unique comfortable lodging, or you own a vacation home or have a spare bedroom that you would like to rent to travelers, AlwaysOnVacation is the ideal marketplace. It’s so simple to get started to search for vacation rental properties or to list a property … check us out today!

The Hospitality Industry: Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels
Vacation Rental industry is one of the fastest growing industries of tourism sector, whose extraordinary growth rate is giving headache to its closest competitor ‘Hotel Industry’. Its outstanding expansion rate makes many of the analysts to believe this industry as a roaring lion. But what is the reason behind this extraordinary performance of vacation rental industry? Why tourists start preferring vacation rental rather than a hotel booking? Our analysts believe that this industry is growing exponentially because of its more flexible and more comfortable offerings, Vacation rental industry gives so many options to the tourists to choose their rental according to their needs, e.g., they can select required amenities, and they can choose their rental according to their holiday themes and affordability. Tourists could feel and enjoy a locals’ lifestyle in a foreign city. These features are attracting tourists towards this industry”.


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