The Hospitality Industry: Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

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Vacation Rental industry is one of the fastest growing industries of tourism sector, whose extraordinary growth rate is giving headache to its closest competitor ‘Hotel Industry’. Its outstanding expansion rate makes many of the analysts to believe this industry as… Read More

Property Owner Marketing Must-Haves

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You want to make sure your marketing is a success when you spend money to advertise on websites like AlwaysOnVacation. There are several things you can do as a property owner to ensure your marketing is highly effective and your… Read More

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Solitude in the Cotswolds at Flagstone Farm

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The Cotswolds. Not too far from London, packed with peaceful villages and gentle hillsides, known for being ‘typically English’, and a place the celebs love to escape to on a break from the big city. We dropped in for a… Read More

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Things Rental Owners do that Drive Renters Crazy

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Your vacation rental has a 360° view of the city, your sheets are 1,000-count Egyptian cotton, and you even have a television in the bathtub, so why did your renters leave such bad reviews about your property? Maybe you did… Read More

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Small Ways to Save Big Money While in Your Vacation Rental

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Between ridiculous airline fees, lousy exchange rates, and an all-round terrible world economy, traveling has become an incredibly expensive prospect for most people, especially those who haven’t had much travel experience. While the era of Europe for $5 a day… Read More


New Zealand: A Country Made For Road Trips.

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1,600km long with tarmac and unsealed road wound around its body, New Zealand is, without doubt, a country built for road trips. The open road stretches out in front of you, beckoning you on with promise of discovery. New Zealand… Read More

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Top Ten Safest Vacation Destinations

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Vacations are meant to be fun, relaxing, and pleasurable. Taking a vacation is a way to escape the everyday stress and worries of our daily lives. If you want to be sure that you’re visiting a safe destination where you… Read More


The Five Most Amazing Mediterranean Beaches

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The Mediterranean coast and islands are lined with beautiful beaches and with uncountable ports and bays. When it comes to having a great summer vacation, many travellers will pick a great beach as one of their top priorities when choosing… Read More

Australia’s Big Obsession

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There’s ongoing debate over whether Australia is legitimately an island or a continental landmass. In true Australian style we like to believe we are, in fact, an island, and the biggest one in the world at that. Keeping in theme… Read More

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Real Sardinia is here in Baia de Bahas

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There’s a place in the Mediterranean that bewitches you with its crystalline sea, its white sandy beaches, its natural areas, its history, its wild and untouched nature and its mild climate. It’s Sardinia, a unique place that attracts travelers from… Read More

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4 Top Destinations in Brazil

July 9th, 2013 Leave a comment

Brazil is in the tourism spotlight, mainly because of up and coming international events like the Football World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. As we saw last week during the FIFA Confederation World Cup, the country… Read More


The Cuisine of Portugal

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Eating is one of the biggest pleasures for the Portuguese. Nothing you wouldn’t expect, considering the richness and diversity of the cuisine. Recently, the habit of ‘brunching’ became common among the Portuguese. Today we bring you five brunches in Lisbon,… Read More

Six good reasons to take a family vacation

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We spend the most part of our lives working. Research has shown that we spend more time in our workplace than we do at home. Then, most of the time at home becomes time for dinner and sleep, and the… Read More

Madrid’s Rooftops: A Little Piece Of Heaven

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If the city of Madrid is one of your vacation destinations this summer, you cannot leave without enjoying a  relaxing evening in one of  Madrid’s emblematic roof terraces. The rooftops of Madrid offer a unique experience where you can dine and… Read More


The Island Of Menorca: Your Second Home Right In Front Of The Sea.

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The team at AlwaysOnVacation are proud to introduce you to María José Fernández Nebreda, a Málaga local, happy wife, mother of two, and proud owner of a lovely vacation rental chalet in the astonishingly beautiful Arenal d’en Castell beach in… Read More