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Vacation Rentals in Maurach am Achensee

Maurach Am Achensee is a well-known ski resort, located in Tirol, Austria where you can holiday with your near and dear ones by putting your base at one of the Maurach Am Achensee vacation rentals. To experience a unique natural beauty, this is the most ideal place where a fascinating combination of mountains and lakes will surely makes your vacation a memorable affair at vacation rentals in Maurach Am Achensee.

Book an apartment in Maurach Am Achensee Tirol in advance and enjoy a number of outdoor sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice-skating, sleigh riding, horseback riding, cross county skiing and so on. Make sure to visit the Notburga Museum in Eben, one of the biggest attractions located within a short distance of the various Maurach am Achensee cabins.

From your Maurach am Achensee accommodation, you can also visit the nearby Achenseer museum world, spread over 8 hectares of land. The surrounding region of Tirol has endless options for tourist entertainment and to see them all, put your base at one of the Tirol vacation rentals.
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