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Vacation Rentals in Hope Town

Hope Town is a beachfront village on the small island of Elbow Cay in The Bahamas. This boomerang shaped island is a natural barrier for the Abaco islands that lay behind it. Hope Town is an ideal beach vacation destination. Renting a vacation cottage in Hope Town means that visitors will never be far from the relaxing sound of gentle waves. With proximity to word class sailing, diving, snorkeling and fishing, Hope Town is an ideal vacation destination.

This skinny island is around 4.5 miles long and varies in width, getting down only 200 feet in some spots! The quaint village of Hope Town is on the northeastern part of Elbow Cay and features beach centric fun. All the buildings in this town follow strict Bahamian Architecture guidelines and create a very familiar kind of setting. Being such a small town, there is no motorized transportation allowed in the main part of town, but don’t fear, golf carts are the main type of transportation here! Renting a beachfront vacation cottage in Hope Town and driving a golf cart along the beach just might be the perfect way to relax.

Visitors to Hope Town who want a connection with history can visit the Elbow Cay lighthouse. Striped red and white and looking like something from a scenic painting, this structure is one of the last kerosene-fueled, manually powered lighthouses operational today. Built in 1862 and still going strong, it’s certainly not a sight to miss.

A rental home in Hope Town puts vacationers at the center of a host of activities. Boats can be chartered for fishing trips or pleasure cruises. Divers of all levels can experience some of the most beautiful aquatic life on the planet, and snorkelers can take it all in from above. If sailing peaks your interest, a vacation home in Hope Town is the perfect spot to branch out and find some top-notch boats. For the ideal Bahamas getaway, renting a beachfront cottage in Hope Town is the perfect place to start.

Hope Town’s noted landmark is its candy-striped lighthouse, which houses one of the only three kerosene powered lights in the world, and all three are in the Bahamas. The large Fresnel lens floating in a bath of mercury generates a light which is visible for more than 17 miles. Delve deep in to the region's history at the Wyannie Malone Museum which is named after the settlement’s founder. The museums displays an incredible collection of simple treasures donated by the locals and traces the history of Hope Town through maps, photos, documents, and other antiquities. When holidaying in Hope Town vacation homes, you are just a short distance away from the lovely beach where you can indulge in exciting water sports ranging from sailing and surfing to snorkeling and kayaking. You can also enjoy these activities at the Elbow Cay, which stretches for a couple of miles to the north in North Hope Town and five miles south to Tahiti Beach - a stunning, sheltered and palm fringed beach. Wander around the narrow streets of the town where you can see magnificent houses built in typical Bahamian architectural style and plenty of small cafes which serve delicious local snacks with hot piping cup of coffee at affordable prices. If shopping is your calling, then browse through the lively shops and buy exquisite memorabilia to take back home.

Hope Town has several fine restaurants where you can dig in to a wide array of traditional food, sumptuous sea delicacies, and finest international cuisines ranging from Mexican, Spanish and French to Chinese, Japanese, and Caribbean fare. Easily accessible from Hope Town cottage rentals and house rentals, are a couple of harbour facing restaurants with spectacular views of the signature lighthouse. Check out Captain Jack's and Harbour's Edge where you can enjoy local Bahamian food, fresh fish and American fare. On weekends you may find live music. Enjoy the quaint ambiance while you are there.

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