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We stayed at this property for a week in the month of April 2014 and we are extremely happy with the property as well as the excellent services. The owners were helpful and our guide throughout......
Jesicca McCombs


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Vacation Rentals in England

England is just one of the components of Great Britain and is filled with great options for an English vacation in a vacation rental just for you. You can choose to stay in an English apartment (called a flat) or a small cottage or even a historic house or rent rooms within one. Vacation rentals have the perfect place for you and your family within your price point.

If you visit London, the capital and financial venue of England, you will want to find a central location so that you can see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace (if the Queen’s flag is flying, it means she is in residence there), the Victoria and Albert Museum where you can see the exhibition of the first artifacts brought out of Egypt, visit the Tower of London (ask to see the Crown Jewels) and take a ride on the London Eye.

In the West Midlands you will be booking from the Birmingham vacation rentals where you can take a walking tour to places like Sutton Park, Soho House, and the National Sea Life Centre.
In the east area of England, stay in vacation rentals in Norfolk and explore the villages there. In south-east England you have the choice of Hampshire or Berkshire to choose your vacation rental cottage. From one of these centrally located places you can visit the Cotswold’s, Chiltern Hills, and the Downs, Hever Castle, Blenheim Place, and Waddesdon Manor.

If you are going to south-west England to visit the rugged hills and coastal areas, you will want to stay in vacation rentals in Gloucester but to see Cornwall you need to book your vacation rental there so that you will have access to the great tourist sites there as you visit the areas attributed to the legendary King Arthur.

Book a vacation rental in Richmond to see Richmond Castle, Easby Abbey, the River Swales and other North Yorkshire sites.

The English have great manners, wonderful accommodations and are known for their hospitality. You can enjoy high tea and a full English breakfast while staying in vacation rentals that will provide you with comfort and nice accommodations.
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