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Vacation Rentals in Grenada

If you plan your stay at any of the Greneda vacation villas and cottages, you will find beautiful views of waterfalls (Mt. Caramell Waterfall, Annadale Waterfall, Concorde Waterfalls. It is a part of the Grenadines in the Caribbean Sea and is near Trinidad and Tobago. The island of Grenada is known historically as the Spice Island.

There is a large selection of Grenada vacation rentals including Grenada vacation villas for you and your family to choose. You will want to find a Grenada vacation villa that is close to the Grand Etang Nature Reserve and be sure to take photos of the spectacular Crater Lake that is there.
The capital is St. George and renting a Grenada vacation apartment will allow you to see the historic sites of the place known once as Fort Royal. This island was once home to the Caribe Indians and it was the port for Christopher Columbus on his third voyage to the New World. Grenada is the largest of the Grenadine Islands.
There are many Grenada vacation rentals that are perfect for a base for you and your family on vacation.
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