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Vacation Rentals in Abruzzo

Abruzzo is a picturesque region in Italy that shares its boundaries with the region of Marche to the north; Lazio to the west and south west; Molise to the south east, and the Adriatic Sea to the east. Situated at the center of the Italian peninsula, the region boasts a long 150 km of white sandy coastline, which is dotted with numerous pristine palm fringed crescent beaches broken by rocky outcrops. It is also one of the mountainous regions in the country with its majestic mountain ranges and soaring cliffs. Abruzzo derives its name from the Latin word "Aprutium", although in the old Roman times the region was known with several names such as Picenum, Sabina et Samnium, and Flaminia. Some of the major cities and towns in Abruzzo where you can spend vacations with your family and friends include Penne, L'Aquila, Pacentro, Loreto Aprutino. With the growing influx of tourists, the region has come up with numerous Abruzzo accommodation options which are not only confined to hotels and resorts but also comprise of a variety of holiday rentals Abruzzo Italy and houses and vacation homes with varied facilities, and services depending on their tariffs.

Abruzzo boasts a rich wealth of historic monuments, magnificent castles, monasteries, remarkable cathedrals, and medieval towns. A worth visiting place in the region is the old medieval town of L'Aquila which dates back from 1240 and boasts of a pretty setting. This town has a splendid walled historic center with fine narrow cobbled streets and pretty squares. Here you can see the church of San Bernardino di Siena and the 16th century old castle that houses the National Museum of the Abruzzo. Just near to the town is the lovely tourist resort of Pescasseroli where not only can you see the ruins of a 13th century castle, churches, and a natural history museum but also indulge in varied thrilling outdoor recreation that ranges from hiking and trekking in summer and skiing and ice skating in winter. Step out from the comforts of your holiday rentals Abruzzo Italy and visit the famous Abruzzo National Park which is spread over an area of 150,000-acres of protected area and offers good hiking and biking trails. You can either collect relevant information and maps from any of its seven visitor centers or take guided tours that can be arranged to Pescasseroli. Gran Sasso, the Italy's highest point which has hiking trails, great spring wildflowers, and winter skiing. Other noted attractions in Abruzzo include Sulmona, Teramo, Castelli, and Fonetecchio.

Abruzzo swarms with an amazing selection of gastronomic establishments ranging from small cafes, take away joints, to plush restaurants, lively pubs, bars, and nightclubs. The region is renowned for its home made regional specialties that you can enjoy even at the in house restaurants of the holiday villas Abruzzo. Sample out from a huge variety of unique pasta dishes, including Maccheroni all Chitarra, Rigatoni alla Cafona and Gnocchi alla Polenta, which is made from maize or chestnut flour and exotic fish from the Adriatic cooked in traditional Italian style. If you have a sweet tooth then dig in to lip smacking Cassata Abruzzese, a creamy concoction, or Scrippelle M’Busse pancakes. The other specialty of the region is cheese. Scamorza, Mozzarella and Pecorino are all made locally. For wine lovers, Abruzzo has lot to offer in its vibrant bars and pubs which are well stocked with the finest variety of rich and robust wines of the region besides other world famous beverages. Shopping is a wonderful pastime activity that you can enjoy to your heart's content in any of the towns and villages of the region..

Browse through endless strings of shops where you can buy everything from stylish clothes, books, and other knickknacks to priceless works of art, from the ancient to the post-post modern. The outdoor markets are something you must visit if you are good at haggling Taranta Fara San Martino, Pescocostanzo, Sulmona, Arischia and Castel del Monte specialize in hand-made blankets and carpets; drive down to Rapino for hand-painted ceramics and to Casoli, Lanciano, Vasto and L’Aquila for copper ware. And if you are looking for some beautiful laces and embroidery then markets of Bucchianico and Scanno are undoubtedly the best bet for you.
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