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Vacation Rentals in Morelia

Morelia is a city in the north central part of the state of Michoacán in central Mexico and is located in the Guayangareo Valley as the capital of the state. It is full of wonderful history and culture and in 1991 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well preserved colonial buildings and historical center layout. There is plenty of to do while visiting this city with hotels, homes and lovely Morelia vacation rentals so visitors can take in all the comforts of home in an amazing new city.

Almost all of the cities notable sites are in the historical center which was founded in 1541 and the layout has been kept intact since it was discovered. For those that want to explore the city for all it has to offer, check out the Cathedral and its surrounding plazas as it is really the heart of the historic center. The Plaza de Armas, Juarez Plaxa and the Melchor Ocampo Plaza are all those that are worth visiting, with the largest one being Plaza de Armas which has been remodeled several times since it was designed in the 16th century. Other noteworthy sites include the Orquidario of Morelia; an orchid museum that houses about 3,400 specifies of orchids and consists of 3 greenhouses. The Museo del Estado (State Museum) is dedicated to the states past and present, and the Museo de la Mascara (Mask Museum) has over 165 samples of masks from cultures in 20 Mexican states.

For those that are wanting to visit the city during the festivals, the Festival Internacional de Musica is an annual event that hosts more than 40 concerts and over 500 artists, making it the largest music festival in Morelia. There is so much to do while visiting Morelia. For those looking for a vacation to explore, learn and take in culture and history, this is the one to visit.
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