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Vacation Rentals in Pacific Beach

When visiting San Diego, Pacific Beach is the perfect place to go if you want to experience the city’s nightlife, but don’t want to strain your wallet. Known for its ocean view bars and relaxed vibe, college students and young adults flock to this town to tan on the beach, shop in trendy boutiques and party every night. Pacific Beach bars and clubs have a more casual atmosphere and dress code than downtown San Diego. Think dressy sandals instead of heels, and a cute top rather than a mini dress.

Most bars have nightly drink specials, which allows you to get the most out of every dollar. College students from the many universities in San Diego can be spotted on any given night getting two-for-one drinks at Cabo Cantina or dancing all night at Typhoon’s. Along with plenty of bars and dance clubs, Pacific Beach boasts some of the best late night Mexican food. Anyone who has spent time in San Diego knows how seriously we take our South of the Border cuisine.

The California burrito is the most popular item ordered to satisfy the late night munchies. Similar to a carne asada burrito, the California burrito is carne asada, cheese, sour cream, salsa fresca and the Pièce de résistance—French fries. Yes, this southern California staple is stuffed with fries before it is expertly rolled and delivered to your hungry hands. Ask for this delicious treat anywhere else in the U.S. and they’ll look at you like your nuts. Pacific Beach’s party nightlife is what it’s known for, though it has so much to offer in the daytime too! Whether you’re young, or just young at heart, Pacific Beach is the perfect place in San Diego to let your hair down and have fun on a budget.
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