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Vacation Rentals in Little Torch Key

Little Torch Key vacation rentals attract thousands of vacationers to its houses and condos, to enjoy life in the tranquil and beautiful environment of Little Torch Key. Located just south of Big Pine Key it is a small isle that offers plenty of things to do in year round soothing weather. The region has become a hot vacation point for coastal activities including sunbathing, swimming, diving, sightseeing, and wildlife watching.

Getting around the region is very easy and affordable with Little Torch vacation rental houses. AlwaysOnVacation brings you a wide range of ideal oceanfront houses and other rentals with top of the line amenities such as air conditioning, private dock boat, big screen TV with DVD player, washer & dryer, telephone, barbecue etc. Choose a suitable vacation hideaway, and loose yourself to the nature's cradle. Chill out in the region with your family and kids. Take them out in a short drive to the attractions of Big Pine Key, Key Colony Beach, Ramrod Key, Cudjoe Key, Marathon, Summerland Key, and Sugarloaf Key.

If you love diving Little Torch Key is the place to be. The incredible corals of Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary are very close to the city. You can dive in these reefs, go fishing in the deep water or backcountry; stroll in the mangrove forests or the sandy lagoons of uninhabited Saddlebunch Keys. At and around the main city No Name Bridge, the National Key Deer Refuge, Bahia Honda State Park and Blue Hole are the major attractions that deserve a visit. Seeking for more? Make Little Torch Key vacation rentals to discover these hotspots and beyond.
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