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It was. Perfect the. Price was perfect everything Wass good te house was nice it was around everything .i gotten this house last minute for my wildwood senior week and everything came thru I had fun lots of fun I love the. Owner I the house Janice is so nice she is such a sweetheart I love it .hope y'all will enjoy it to .i will be bac deffinately.
Chris Garlington
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Vacation Rentals in Wildwood

Wildwood is a picturesque vacation destination that offers its visitors a number of beautiful attractions and lodging to suit all kinds of occasions. If you´re visiting with family you can´t go wrong by renting a vacation home near the boardwalk as it is delightfully designed and features beloved family friendly attractions such as Morey´s Piers amusement complex and the Ocean Oasis water park that marks the vacation of thousands of fun loving water and summer lovers each year.

The boardwalk is also convenient to a number of Wildwood condos that exhibit a stylish elegance that many couples on holiday value. The rates and facilities offered in the area´s apartments also mean that you can select a lodging that is just right for you. Many are within close proximity of wonderful points of interest such as Fox Park and Tram Car. To accommodate a larger group, there are also a number of villas, many of which boast easy access to such major attractions as the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse and gardens which maintains a charming Victorian era design and even includes a museum that invites visitors to enjoy and learn about the area.

Sunset Lake also features a number of accommodations in its environs, and of particular interest to those in search of a romantic getaway, features cottages that are ideal for admiring gorgeous sunsets. All in all, Wildwood is a good representation as to what New Jersey´s south coast is all about, and why it brings all kinds of crowds during the hot summer months. The selection of vacation rentals invites all kinds of people to come by and enjoy their vacation away from the sometimes stressful living that the big cities often times bring about.
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